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Luke Jurevicius travels to India on a 14 day tour of several Animation studio’s in Trivandrum, Pune and Mumbai.

A special mention goes out to my fabulous team at FLIPBOOK STUDIOS LLP in Pune.

Vishus Productions and Flipbook Studios are currently in production together on numerous  2D and 3D projects including Larry the WonderPup (108 mins 2D animation for Channel 7 – Australia), Reggie’s Boxes (26 X 3min 3D animation – Blake E learning), Quiggle (8 X 3min 3D animation – with stop motion feel – Blake E learning).

Both companies are in development on a range of high end projects including development materials for Arkie –  (Animated Feature film with Sophie Byrne – Passion Pictures Australia,  and Toronto based VR installation with Darkslope) , Birthmark (animated Feature film – original Property by Nathan Jurevicius).