Sherezade, Untold Stories (26 X 24min) has commenced airing in Australia on Network 10.

About The Show

Sherazade: The Untold Stories tells the true story of the classic Arabian Nights tales. One powerful female character, Sherazade, was the real hero of the famous stories. Without her, Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad could not have had their adventures.
We follow the young girl on her quest to find the Tree of Life and save the Prince of the Golden City, who has been turned into a blue-haired monster. Easy you say? Well, it will take all of her wit, skills, fighting abilities – as well as a little bit of magic – to succeed.

Luke Jurevicius is one of the Creative Producers and directed 11 episodes. Luke voiced a handful of the voices, including two of the lead characters  Shazaman and Halil.

“It’s a cracker and a milestone for children’s television in Australia”

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