Eddie’s Lil Homies 10 X 12 mins
NITV / NETFLIX / ACTF / Highly Spirited
“Eight-year-old Eddie and his best friends Lottie and Tal explore the possibilities of childhood imagination. For them, kindness and empathy can make even imaginary friends real”.
This animated children’s series was inspired by the books by AFL legend, Eddie Betts.
Eddie’s Lil’ Homies is available on NITV, Netflix and SBS On Demand.
Vishus Productions is extremely proud to be a part of this incredible series inspired by Eddie Betts’s books!
We handled all design, Storyboards, Models, Textures, Animation, Light /Render / Comp / VFX.
Director Arthur Moody, co-director Luke Jurevicius with animation services provided by Vishus Productions

Eddie’s Lil Homies

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