Other Collaborations

Luke is committed to Cementing strong and harmonious relationships with talented, like-minded artists who possess an unrelenting eye for uniquely beautiful storytelling.

Luke teamed up with fellow creators Andrew Kunzel and Arthur Moody to form the company, BOOMBADA.
The trio created Horace in Slow Motion – the offbeat and delightfully grotesque interstitials series for ABC3 and distributed by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation. Through the Australian Children’s Television Foundation; Boombada has entered into a distribution deal with China to asses the Merchandise and Licensing opportunities.

Over the years, VP has enlisted the talent of Adrian Hughes as a lead CGI artist on various projects and as a result, Adrian formed Roundice in 2015.
VP and Roundice are now collaborating with FLIPBOOK (India) on an animated property soon to be announced with Blake Publishing’s eLearning division.

Adrian Hughes