Vishus Productions, Pune gets a visit from Dark Slope

Vishus Productions, Pune warmly receives Raja Khanna and C J Hervey from Dark Slope, Toronto. Our studio created a bunch of 3D assets for the newly unveiled Scarygirl Mission Maybee free-roam multiplayer VR experience. Let the collaborations begin!  

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HOT: Vishus Productions EXPANDS INTO INDIA

Company owner, Luke Jurevicius welcomes Directors Deven Bhosale, Yogesh Wagh and Yogesh Parwatkar into the Vishus Productions family by  expanding it’s borders into Pune, India. Having established a firm relationship for over two years after successfully completing numerous projects across multiple mediums, FLIPBOOK STUDIOS LLP, are now Vishus Productions India.  “Rarely do you come across individuals…

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Quiggle: Must-see-toons at MIPCOM

Synopsis: Quiggle is based on ABC Reading Eggs book series written by Katy Pike and illustrated by award-winning toy designer, Nathan Jurevicius.  Quiggle is a funny little orange owl, full of childlike doubt and wonder. Together with her best friends, Quiggle playfully explores a world of wonder in search of answers to questions of a growing mind.  Quiggle Produced by: Vishus Productions…

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Sherezade, the untold stories

Sherezade, Untold Stories (26 X 24min) has commenced airing in Australia on Network 10. About The Show Sherazade: The Untold Stories tells the true story of the classic Arabian Nights tales. One powerful female character, Sherazade, was the real hero of the famous stories. Without her, Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad could not have had their…

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REGGIE’S BOXES with Blake elearning

We have completed 19 episodes of Reggie’s Boxes for Blake elearning. Currently the series can be seen on the ABC Reading Eggs Junior website! Total series: 26 X 3min. Animation Partners: Roundice and Flipbook Studios LLP    

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Luke Jurevicius travels to India on a 14 day tour of several Animation studio’s in Trivandrum, Pune and Mumbai. A special mention goes out to my fabulous team at FLIPBOOK STUDIOS LLP in Pune. Vishus Productions and Flipbook Studios are currently in production together on numerous  2D and 3D projects including Larry the WonderPup (108 mins 2D animation for…

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Figaro Pho Wins Screen Music Award

Composers Michael Darren, Luke Jurevicius and Christopher Larkin won the Screen Music Award for Best Music for Children’s Television for their collaboration on the animated Australian children’s series The New Adventures of Figaro Pho: Odd Socks. – Winners Announced

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